Management & Operations

We service multidisciplinary management assignments from project management to operational management and business optimization programs. Depending on your needs, we tailor what is required and fits it’s purpose. The value we add must be (immediately) valuable to your business. Some examples could be a plan of approach, project plan or strategic roadmap linked to implementation. We ensure we deliver something that works.

Coaching & Training

Coaching or training your employees is what we like to do. Our experience comes from multiple industries, projects, programs and cultures. During the execution of projects, there is sometimes a desire to be actively coached. We facilitate this by attending project meetings or other important meetings and give you feedback during the running project to the trainee. We are experienced to run a project together with your employees (unless you explicitly want otherwise). It is often that the ideas are there, how to run a project or program but the implementation is not getting kicked off. Together we ensure that steps are actually taken.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Because we manage projects from virtual design to actual start-up and SOP for automation projects, we are also able to support your production.

One of our recent services is 3D metal printing, you can contact us for 3D metal printing. 3D metal printing is the perfect solution when it comes to prototyping or manufacturing small product series. We have a printing envelope of 300x 200x 200 mm. visit our service for 3D metal printing